The World’s Strongest Librarian

by Josh Hanagarne


An off-the -cuff telling of his own life, Josh Hanagarne has been a voracious reader since he was a small child. He had many false starts before he found his ideal position as a librarian in a city library. He is afflicted with Tourette’s syndrome, causing him to shout out inappropriate remarks from time to time. He tells it all with great humor which makes great reading!


He  encounters all kind of people in the stacks. Someone is stealing and hiding all the books on the occult! Another day he helps an elderly woman open her first e-mail account on one of hte computers. When he asks what kind of books she likes, she replies, “I enjoy the nakedest of romances.”

As we read about the ups and downs in his life, we find ourselves jumping up and  rooting for him! A great story!


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