A Strong West Wind


By Gail Caldwell

I love to read about the early lives and struggles of people, be they famous or unknown. I read this book as it was highly rated on Amazon but I was disappointed. The author is a staff writer for the Boston Globe and has won a Pulitzer prize for her Critical Writing. Certainly she has a wondrous command of words and expresses her ideas in unique and memorable writing.  Yet I found this to be more a series of vignettes of her father and family than a narrative story.

I am a fan of non-fiction that tells a good story. Among my favorites are The Glass Castle and Change Me into Zeus’ Daughter. I enjoyed Let’s Not All Go to the Dogs Tonight. For me, Caldwell’s book didn’t enthrall or move me. I hope if I ever write about my life, I can make it a good story too! This book din’t live up to my expectations.


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