Brain on Fire

Books 008

by Susannah Cahalan

The chilling and true tale of a bright 24-year-old reporter for the New York Post who suddenly starts imagining things and having violent seizures. A neurologist wrongly diagnosed her symptoms as alcohol withdrawal, then as a psychotic! Only because of the love and tenacity of her parents and her boyfriend was she finally diagnosed with a rare brain inflammation that left her totally “gone” for one month.

The hero, a young Indian doctor, Dr. Souhel Najjar finally finds the cause, a rare ailment called NMDA-receptor encephalitis, and she receives treatment, gradually recovering most of her faculties but with almost no memory of the time she spent in the hospital. Piecing the story together from the journals of each parent,by asking friends and viewing tapes from the video monitor above her bed, Cahalan has written a fascinating account of her ordeal and slow  recovery.

I read this book straight through in one day! Couldn’t stop until I found out what happened!! Great read!


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