by Tiffanie  DiDonato

As a child Tiffanie was three foot eight inches tall and not expected to grow anymore! Her arms were too short to reach her own ears. She doesn’t like the word “dwarf” as it is limiting and demeaning .She wanted to go beyond those limits . And so she elected to go through horrific surgeries to lengthen her arms and her legs.


Her father was  skeptical and concerned for her welfare. I was amazed by her mother’s attitude.I’m not sure it was morally right to let her daughter choose at such a young age to go through such a drastic series of operations and painful daily bone-stretching procedures! In the  end it turns out for the best,allowing Tiffanie to live a normal life, eventually marry and have children. But not every mother could consent to allow her own child to suffer such pain.

Tiffanie with her Mom

Tiffanie with her Mom

Tiffanie succeeds in her dream, graduates from college, makes many friend! How does it all turn out?! You should read it and see!It is an amazing story!

Tiffanie on her wedding Day!

Tiffanie on her wedding Day!

I found myself rooting for her when she is sixteen and has long pins protruding up and down both legs, yet make it to her sweet sixteen party with friends. An honestly-written and inspiring story!


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