Another Place at the Table

Snow 011

by Kathy Morrison

Full-time foster mother would be Kathy’s job description. She has taken in many special problem children, particularly the abuse dor sexually molested little girls. SHe and her husband have provided a stable environment and all the love they could for many such children. Kathy is very humble in telling the story and frank about her mistakes and failures.

Some of the stories are painful to read  but, all-in-all, this is a positive look at what foster care really entails. I read through it in one day as it really held my interest.  Still, I didn’t get a real feeling of who Kathy herself is. Maybe she needs to keep some objectivity.

Kathy and Bruce have adopted and raised three children along with their own three sons. They have cared for nearly 100 children in need of temporary shelter and love. Not just anyone could do that! An important book!


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