One More Time


by Carol Burnett

Laughter is one way to hide pain and I think that might have been an early trick learned by Carol. Living just a block or so from Hollywood Blvd, the child of alcoholic parents, Carol was mainly raised by her grandmother. Her grandmother (Nanny)was a packrat that saved every old newspaper and rag. Carol never invited her friends in to play at their apartment. Her own mother had a room down the hall and occasional boyfriends.

Carol as a drama student at UCLA

Carol as a drama student at UCLA

Nanny was always able to come up with the money for the matinee at the movies and Carol and her friend Ilomay grew up acting out all the parts played by  Rita Hayworth, Barbara Stanwyck or Nan Grey. She loved listening to the radio, especially the big bands. She learned to sing loud and sang a lot with Nanny.

Iconic Carol Burnett

Iconic Carol Burnett

This is an upbeat and charming memoir about someone who succeeds against all odds. I never knew anything about Carol Burnett though I grew up watching her great comedy on TV in the 1960s! Go to Youtube to catch some of the more famous and still very funny skits from her Carol Burnett show! A heartwarming and down-t-earth true story!


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