Girl Sleuth, Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her


by Melanie Rehak

I read Nancy Drew as a girl as did many thousands of girls all over the  world! I can remember borrowing these books from the school library and rushing home at lunchtime to read  while I ate!


I also read these books to my Japanese daughters at bedtime and have many good memories of that time. “Read one more chapter!” , they’d beg me.  I believed that the books were written by Carolyn Keene but now I know that there is no such person! Nancy Drew was the invention of a publisher, Edward Stratemeyer ( the man responsible for creating the Hardy Boys and the Bobbsey twins!)and were mostly written by ghost writer Mildred Wirt Benson!


Nancy Drew debuted in 1930 and remained a best seller throughout the depression years when the books sold for fifty cents. Nancy Drew sold over 80 million copies and remained popular for five or six generations. Perhaps you are one of the girls who were enthralled by her escapades! Each chapter ended on an exciting or hair-raising note that kept us eager to read on!


I thoroughly enjoyed reading Melanie Rehak’s book about how Nancy came to be written! It brought back great memories! Which book was your favorite?? (Mine was “The Hidden Staircase”!)

!950's Nancy Drew Board  Game

!950’s Nancy Drew Board Game

Look at this garage sale find. My brother found this at an estate sale. I bet it’s worth a lot  today!!

Books 003

My vintage collection which I read to the girls at night!


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