Mornings on Horseback

by David McCullough


Well-written account of Theodore Roosevelt’s childhood and early career. Suffering from debilitating asthma attacks, Theodore was often unable to keep up with his siblings. But when his father whom he adored challenged him to build a strong body to go with his strong mind, he set himself to creating a healthy physique.

Given a gun, he went out shooting. Then he studied taxidermy so he could stuff the creatures he bagged! He did many drawings of the animals he saw. When he was about 14, he traveled down the Nile on a houseboat with his family and hunted many  creatures,skinning and preserving them. Later we know he went on to create numerous national parks and wildlife preserves.

I read for the first time the specific account of his first marriage. I have read several other biographies of Roosevelt but found much new to me in this book. A good read!



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